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Latest news

Operation Seduction!
In 2017 Mâcon launched opération séduction to encourage groups from towns outside their twin towns to visit the town. Groups get VIP cards offering reductions in shops and restaurants, help in arranging accomodation, the services of a guide and a visit to the Town Hall. Prompted by CANTA Bischofsheim, our other twin town, organised a visit this spring. Nine members of CANTA joined the group. Truffles, wine, castles, medieval towns and lots of sun - what else could you want! Here is the French report of the visit and a German one from Bischofsheim and some images from Detlef Gärtner

CANTA plus Google makes history!
Dominique Jollat, from Switzerland, found an interesting document in his late father's possessions concerning a Mme Ducaret. A web search found her on the CANTA web site as Hilla the fugitive Jewess from Dzierżoniów. Read the original story and the exciting follow-up in Twin towns news opposite.

More connections with Dzierżoniów
An article in the Guardian put Wendy Cox, a local resident, in touch with an old school friend from Dzierżoniów when it was the German town of Reichenbach. Ursula Kantorowicz, second left, was sent to England, aged just three, to escape Hitler's persecution of the Jews.
Wendy put CANTA in touch with Ruth Geall who shares the story of her great aunt with us in our Twin towns news opposite.
Ursula's story here

Twin towns news

The Republic shows its face
This poster was displayed in Carrefour in Mâcon. In this powerful information/propoganda poster Marianne is used to hammer home the message that it is forbidden to fully cover the face in any public space. Marianne is the well known national symbol of the French Republic, a personification of liberty and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty.

Fire fighting has a common language
This is another image from the successful visit of Crewe Fire Cadets to Bischofsheim in September. Here the Crewe and Bischofsheim cadets are tackling a simulated fire on a children's climbing frame. A large child doll had to be rescued by means of a stretcher.
It's pleasing that a return visit to Crewe is in the pipeline.

Action cœur de ville
Mâcon is implementing a national plan to revitalise town centres. They have increased the mumber of free shuttle buses into the town centre, helped shops refit in a modern style, smartened up the streets and squares and mounted a series of events in the central St. Pierre Market Hall.

More links with Dzierżoniów
David Marren represented CANTA at special celebrations in the town this May.
At a one-to-one meeting with the Mayor David was told that practical twinning events, particularly for young people, should take priority over official ones. CANTA would like to hear if any groups would like to initiate a link or renew an old one. Financial assistance may be available.
David's busy timetable can be seen here and some pictures of the visit here

UPDATED AGAIN! A tale of two towns and one remarkable woman
The tale starts in the German textile town of Reichenbach now Dzierżoniów where Hilla was born. She married a German Count and settled in Dusseldorf. Then came Hitler and, because she was Jewish, she spent the war trying to escape extermination. Part of this time was spent in Mâcon. This is her story: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Ruth Geall, the great niece, was recently invited to Dzierżoniów and located her father's house. A joint oral history project with the town is planned.