Bischofsheim and Dzierżoniów celebrated their 20th anniversary of twinning in May 2010

Six members of the CANTA committee were invited to Bischofsheim to join in the 20th anniversary celebrations of twinning between Bischofsheim and Dzierżoniów. As there were more than six members interested in going to Bischofsheim names were drawn out of the hat. The lucky six were Clive (Chairman) and Jane Mosby, Carol (Secretary) and Trevor Lightfoot and Wendy (Treasurer) and Lindsay Johns. All travelled at their own expense. This is Carol Lightfoot's account of the visit.

Wednesday 19th May 2010

Official welcome coinciding with the arrival of the guests from Dzierżoniów and Crewe and Nantwich by the Mayor Reinhard Bersch and the Leader of the Council Hugo Berg.

Thursday 20th May 2010

All the delegates visited Strasbourg including a visit to the European Parliament. The German and Polish delegates were lucky enough to have a meeting with their respective MEP's but despite previous arrangements being made the MEP's who represent the North West were not able to meet the English delegates. However we did sit in on the other meetings and found it very interesting. The Polish and German MEP's spoke very good English and we were allowed to ask them questions.

Note the photograph of the empty house which filled up at 12 midday when a vote was to be taken.

These are 2 more in the European Parliament. The last of these is of the Crewe and Nantwich delegates.

Friday 21st May 2010

Freetime in the morning. Trevor and I took a stroll near to our host's house. The picture is a piece of the actual Berlin Wall which was transported and sited in Bischofsheim at the instigation of the Leader of the Council, Hugo Berg. In the afternoon we went to the Rheinhessen (Wine area on the Rhine). We started our tour in Oppenheim where we were welcomed by Council Members into the Town Hall where we tasted the local wine and then were taken on a tour of the town's historical cellars.

We then went on a tour through the vineyards of Nierstein. We sat in a purpose built trailer pulled by a tractor, were given bread and sausage and as much wine as we could drink. This I think was the highlight of the visit.

After the tour we were taken to the restaurant in the vineyard for a meal and yes more wine.

Saturday 22nd May 2010

We went to Frankfurt by train. The photo's are of the tallest building (we were told in Europe!!) The building is the blue tower on the right.

Views of Frankfurt and surrounding district from the top of the tower.

Dinner in Frankfurt at a typical German Pub. We drank the local cider served in large jugs and had a choice of pork or beef. The first photo is pork the second the beef.

Sunday 2rd May 2010

We visited Mainz and attended the Whitsunday Service.

In the evening, at a farewell meal with music and dancing, there were speeches and the presentation of gifts.