Autumn events for senior citizens

Autumn seems to be the time when the over 60's are feted in Mâcon and in Bischofsheim.

In Mâcon there was a whole week of activities devoted to 'senior citizens'. This is Mâcon's contribution to the national 'Semaine Bleue' for the retired. You can see the schedule in the extract from the monthly Mâcon magazine. Films, theatre, circus etc. and guaranteed transport home - what more could they want? Even senior citizens from Mâcon's twin towns were invited.

You can see too that on the same magazine page the editor inserted a plug for the flu jab.

In Bischofsheim (see below) the town had laid on a beer festival for the over 65's in the town Hall. There was strong beer, together with rolls and sausage and then transport home! The mayor Reinhard Bersch performed the traditional tapping of the cask. Twice during his 12 years as mayor he has been sprayed with beer and so to avoid this on his last tapping he decided to be fully protected against accidents.

This is an extract from the report in the local paper.