A visit to Berlin - Lokal-Anzeiger 22nd July 2010

The German government Information Service sponsors visits by groups from each parliamentary constituency, 100 people per MP per year. The trips are financed by the Government and aim to give an idea of what goes on in Parliament. The groups also have the chance to meet with their representative and hear of his activities. The Mayor Reinhard Bersch booked a group in from Bischofsheim and Riedstadt in June 2009 and they went on the 30th June this year.

There is a lengthy report in the paper on the trip complete with a range of photographs of the sights. The report is enlivened by little details of the journey there and back. Not quite immediately after leaving Bischofsheim in the coach there was a breakfast stop and it was a very German breakfast.

Nicht schon nach dem Verlassen der Ortsgrenze, sondern zum ersten Stopp hatte Manuela Bersch die Bischemer und einige Freunde mit einem typischen Frühstück überascht: Echte Mainzer Fleischwurst, Bischemer Brötchen und kühler Piccolo-Sekt aus der gefülten Kühltasche kamen sehr gut an.

The trip back coincided with the Germany versus Argentina game in the World Cup. To their horror they discovered that the TV in the bus was out of action. However the driver had rigged up a little LCD set with aerial at the front whilst the back made do with commentary from a mobile phone.

Aber wie sollten die Mitfahrer das Spiel Deutschland gegen Argentinian sehen? Zu dieser zeit war der Bus auf der Autobahn und sein Fernsehschirm außer betrieb. Aber auch da gab es Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe. .......