Bernard Delaye

In its latest issue 'Ma Ville Mâcon' features Mr Bernard Delaye, a personality well-known to CANTA.

Bernard is president of a prestigious organisation in Mâcon, the 'Comité des salons concours et foire national des vins' which holds competitions and exhibitions promoting the wines of the region.

Here, just to the right of the suited Jean-Patrice Courtois, sénateur-maire de Mâcon, he officiates at the 'intronisation' of the former Mayor of Crewe and Nantwich, Maurice Jones and our Chairman, Clive Mosby, at a ceremony held by the Confrérie des Vignerons de Saint-Vincent de Mâcon. If you are interested in the societry follow this link.

Bernard Delaye is not a wine grower but he is passionate about wine. He was born into a family with vineyards in Loché near Mâcon but chose to go into education and became a Senior Education Advisor at Daveyé College which specialises in viniculture. He now owns the family vineyards but they are managed for him. He enjoyed his time at the college and takes pleasure from meeting ex-pupils whom he helped in the past. The 'Concours' was hosted by the college in the 70's and that was the start of his involvement.

His interests, apart from wine, include painting, antiques and travel. He beongs to several local organisations including the Mâcon Twinning Association.

And his opinion on the 2009 vintage, 'exceptional!'