Bischofsheim's Mayor celebrates his 60th Birthday

Bischofsheim is a small town and has a real family feel about it. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in Reinhard Bersch's 60th birthday celebrations. The townsfolk were all invited to the Town Hall to help him celebrate. 'No presents' he had said. 'Give it to the Church'. In any case the family had upstaged everyone else by bringing a vintage tractor to his door and giving him a ride. The tractor was of the type introduced onto the family farm in the 50's.
In the main public room was a pictorial history of significant moments in his life and on the stage his son had created a 3D birthday card - pictured below. This was of course a very special birthday for Reinhard in his last year as mayor after 12 year's of public service.

Dzierżoniów has a very close relationship with the town despite the dreadful events of the past. As in all previous years a small party came over, bringing him a coffee set decorated with the town's arms.