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F Sauzet (message to CANTA posted by the Webmaster) |
Dear Carol,
I send you a little card to wish you and all members of CANTA a very happy New Year; a year during which we'll do all we can to strengthen the links between our two cities and their inhabitants. It was with great relief I heard that Cheshire East Council had granted you some money, it's a good beginning and it's quite encouraging for the future of your twinnings.
I hope you spent a good Christmas Day. Personally Hélène and I had the joy to have our four children and six grandchildren to celebrate that day. We were especially happy to welcome Zorine who was born on December 2nd. She is the second child and first daughter of Isabelle, our third daughter who is a paediatrician and who married a Moroccan. Zorine means "morning star".
Jean-Marc is still very busy in his restaurant and is expecting your visit, maybe this year!
Kindest regards from François, Hélène and Jean-Marc
10 January 2011 - Mâcon France

Wendy Johns |
I have, through the site, just had the pleasure of listening to the children from Leighton Park Primary School singing at their Christmas Concert. It was charming. Thank you for the opportunity of hearing it. Long may their links continue.
5 January 2011 - Haslington, Crewe, England

Steve Jones ( Dave as was ) |
Sadly I never got to participate in the Macon exchanges as my parents decide to twin me with a family in Paris, who also had a chalet in the Savoie alps. Mind you, I can't complain about the times I spent in their mountain retreat, especially as my exchange partner had an elder sister who.I'm envious of young Tomczak in Vaucluse. I have friends in Apt, a nice town.
14 September 2010 - Kew, London and Javea on the Costa Blanca

Paola Fumagalli |
I would like to thank you for your report from Mâcon.
I enjoyed those days and appreciated the chance we had to meet English, German people and one American.
It was lovely to improve our French and to know each other as well.
Thank you Peter, Anne, Brenda, Janice and Roger.
5 August 2010 - Lecco, Italy

Tom Pilkington |
Re Roman Tomczak's entry last October:Since consulting the guestbook I am now in regular contact with Roman who also put me back in touch with Jacky Barday. I see Jacky regularly now.I also see Guy Burrier from time to time. Ha was Robert Dyke's correspondant.Guy has been Mayor of Fuissé for some time now.A couple of years ago I also met up again with Charles Protat whose partner was Graham Chesters.Charles now lives in Toulon and he returns to Mâcon every autumn.
1 May 2010 - Mâcon

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