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Marianne Pleavin |
Macon Summer School 2012. I really enjoyed my visit to Macon, the lessons were quite hard work but very interesting, I did learn quite a lot of new words and make new friends on the course.
The members of the Comite Jumelage worked so hard, taking us out to a variety of great places of enormous interest most afternoons, and everyone was so kind and generous with their time and help, making it one of the most rewarding trips that I have made for a long time. My first contact with Macon was c. 1957 when a French teacher came from the Lycee Lamartine to teach us at Crewe County Grammar School. I have never visited Macon before, but I certainly hope that I shall be able to keep in contact with new friends.
Thank you for your help
15 August 2012 - Cheshire

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