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Tom Pilkington |
Re Roman Tomczak's entry last October:Since consulting the guestbook I am now in regular contact with Roman who also put me back in touch with Jacky Barday. I see Jacky regularly now.I also see Guy Burrier from time to time. Ha was Robert Dyke's correspondant.Guy has been Mayor of Fuissé for some time now.A couple of years ago I also met up again with Charles Protat whose partner was Graham Chesters.Charles now lives in Toulon and he returns to Mâcon every autumn.
1 May 2010 - Mâcon

Carol Lightfoot |
Re Tom Pilkington's recent picture of the Mâcon contingent arriving at Crewe Station in July 1961.
I twinned in 1960 and 1961. The girl who stayed with me and I am still very good friends with is pictured in the middle of the group wearing a white coat. She has her hair in a French pleat and is stood to the right of a very tall girl. Her name was Marie-Genevieve Troncy now Champromis. I lived in Sweetbriar Crescent a few doors away from Roman Tomczak. Jacky Bardet stayed with him. I met them both in Mâcon three years ago when we celebrated the 50 years of twinning.
28 April 2010 - Crewe England

Ann Jones (nee Lewis) |
I took part in the visit to Macon in 1959 and had a very memorable stay with the Vincent family in Sance near Macon. My visit included a flight in a two seater plane piloted by my host, a visit to a restaurant where I was served frogs legs and l'escargot. Arranged tours for the group included a visit to Geneva and a visit to Grottes de Blanot, a series of caves. I remember enjoying visits to the outdoor pool in Macon.
21 April 2010 - I still live in the Crewe and Nantwich area.

CANTA Webmaster |
Pierre Joureau retires as President of the Twinning Association in Mâcon after 33 years. Any memories would be appreciated.
13 April 2010 - UK

Roman Tomczak
In response to Kevin Powell, yes. I taught P.E.(and a few other subjects) at Greville High 66-69 before moving on to Sutton Coldfield. I've lost touch with most of my friends from the school but do see Mr Russ Thomas (exhead at St.Faith's and Gt Alne) when he is on vacation down here in Provence every year.
Also, my thanks to the website because Tom Pilkington and myself are now in touch, since he saw my note in the guestbook. We were both at Crewe Grammar in the good old days.
20 October 2009

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