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Ann Sutton |
Macon Summer School 2012. Just to report we had a fantastic time at Macon, the reception, the attention and the visits were tremendous.

Both my daughter and I loved the whole experience and the other nationalities on the course, made it even more special.

It was also such good value.

We cannot thank CANTA/Comite de jumelage enough.
15 August 2012 - Cheshire

John Hobley |
We at the British-German Association are holding a conference for british-german Twinners on 12th October.
What e-mail address do we use to get a copy of the programme to your officers? Best wishes
5 August 2012 - London

Michael Barth |
Dear all,
sind 10 pm we are back in Bischofsheim. Thank you for inviting us to your ESC. It works! Nice greetings and best wishes to all memebers of CANTA
Michael and Bea
29 July 2012 - Bischofsheim

Neil Pickering |
Just browsing and saw Tom Pilkington's article on Canta (which I had never come across before); Tom used to come with Graham Chesters (my neighbour in Gainsborough Rd/Alton St area), the latter teaching me to play chess; I started in crewe Grammar in 1960 when these "mature' guys were already prefects. Always go for the Macon wines because of their association with Crewe!
18 May 2012 - now in London

Uschi and Klaus Zahn |
Dear frinds,we wish you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year"
Uschi und Klaus Zahn
23 December 2011

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