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Uschi and Klaus Zahn |
Dear frinds,we wish you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year"
Uschi und Klaus Zahn
23 December 2011

Roman Tomczak |
I was prompted to look at the Canta website when I received a 'mail' from a long lost childhood friend(who had nothing to do with Crewe). That was amazing. I find the website really informative and interesting, well done to all concerned. My wife and I have an annual visit to Macon at end of September for one of their charity events organized by the Barday family. Their family also make an annual visit down to us , here in Provence. The exchanges I made back in 58, 59 encouraged me to travel ( I left the UK in 1976 to work in Switzerland) and develop a love for other countries, especially France.
27 July 2011

Barrie Davey |
Eureka; Posted name of long lost friend one day, received his reply the very next day, all I can say is a big thank you. Last seen 1948 I think that was a bit before the internet without which we would never have been able to re-establish contact, well done.
26 July 2011 - Isle of Wight

Barrie D Davey |
I am looking to get in touch with Roman Tomczak who had a brother called I think "Jurek" as small children the lived at Boxhill Surrey.
23 July 2011 - Anywhere

Martine Bollard (Message to CANTA posted by the Webmaster) |
Good evening, Dear Friends
In the first place,
On the occasion of the new year I present you all my best wishes and happiness,
enjoyment and health and all that you wish.
I came last July to Crewe with the committee of twinning of Mācon,
For My first  travels in England I am enjoying of my stay.
My very kinds regards.
Martine Bolard
25 January 2011 - France

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