CANTA's First English Summer School July 2010

CANTA hosted the equivalent of Mâcon's French language Summer School this July. It was based at the Ramada hotel near Crewe and, like Mâcon, started with 3 hours teaching a day. The rest of the time was spent visiting places of interest in Crewe and Nantwich and surrounding areas where the students could appreciate local interests and culture and practise their new found language skills.

It was a very busy week and lunch breaks were short on some days to cram everything in. To appreciate the scope of the course it's worth looking at the published programme.

We have a selection of pictures to give you a flavour of things. We start with the arrival at the Ramada 'Encore' Hotel.

This is the room in the hotel where most of the hard work took place.

Monday: A Chinese Banquet at the Dragon Inn gave a gracious end to the first day.

Tuesday: A visit to Dorfold Hall near Nantwich showed something of our national heritage, whilst a Barbecue and Skittles at the Bickerton Poacher was an chance to unwind.

Wednesday: The Gladstone Pottery in Longton, Stoke on Trent, gave a glimpse into the past glory of the potteries. The original workshops and giant bottle kilns of the former Gladstone China Works have been preserved as the last complete Victorian Pottery factory in the country.

The distinctive accents of the workers would have been a severe test of language skills!

Thursday: After a tour of Nantwich and a Treasure Hunt there was a visit to Wybunbury Moss. This, deep ice age lake, is a protected nature reserve with limited access. It is covered in a peat raft carpeted in Sphagnum (bog) moss, along with cotton sedge, cranberry, bog rosemary and the insect-eating sundew. The Moss is also important for it's insect populations which includes two rare spiders and a beetle which is found nowhere else in England.

More unfamiliar English words to cope with as the guide explains all.

In the evening there was a chance to let the hair down after an exhausting day. Barbara and Joyce teach them the art of 'Belly Dancing'

Luckily few words were needed. The actions explained it all!.

Friday: Reaseheath College, outside Nantwich, offers courses and training related to agriculture and the natural environment. The students were shown how milk is pasteurised, cheese is made and also how yoghurt and smoothies are made. The Mayor of Crewe (centre with chain in lower picture) joined the party.

In the evening there was a chance to try out English bowling, in the rain!

Saturday: At the end of the course the Certificate Presentation Ceremony took place.

A final group photograph at the home of our Secretary,Carol Lightfoot. Happily the course was an outstanding success and tears were shed when it came to an end.