Bischofsheim's Kerb celebrations are finally buried

Germany, of course, does not have 'bonfire night' but the lack of the villain Guy Fawkes does not prevent them having bonfires. This picture is of the bonfire, complete with burning effigy, that concludes the Kerb festival celebrations every year.

On Monday evening as 9 o'clock approached on 'Schwarzen Weg' the time had come. The drummers of the 'Schwarzbachtrommler' could already be heard from far away and the the organiser's funeral cortege containing the female effigy approached the bonfire. Some onlookers said a tearful goodbye to the figure. The torches were lit and the body finally fell victim to the flames. With that the 2009 Kerb officially came to an end. Long live the Kerb 2010.

Quand les Vins sont en fête

Meanwhile in Mâcon the French have other things on their minds.
Visit the Château de Sully for a very civilised free wine tasting with some classy light refreshments to tempt you to stay.