LOKAL-ANZEIGER für die Orte der Mainspitze

Germany does celebrations very well and the Bischofsheim town fair in September 'Bischemer Kerb' is a 'heimat' event where germans celebrate community and tradition.

The whole centre of the town is shut off for several days and roundabouts, swinging boats and other traditional items fill the open spaces. There's plenty of opportunity for eating and drinking. In the evenings there's entertainment - and this year after a wet spell the weather cleared to give glorious sunshine. Here's a comment from a well known rock band.

Um es mal mit den Worten eines uns wohl bekannten Gitarristen zu sagen: Bischofsheim war der Brüller! Das Wetter war gut, die Tankstelle brechend voll und das Bier von Charlie eiskalt - so macht Rocken Spaß.