An April Fool explained.

April Fool 'Aprilscherz' jokes are very much a German tradition. They can be more daring than we are used to and can be very near the knuckle. Bischofsheim's local paper The 'Lokal-Anzeiger' enters into the spirit of things with gusto. Readers who noted the date of the article we carried about Reinhard Bersch's meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office will not have been fooled. An explanation was carried in the next week's edition and it is reproduced here.

This is the gist of the article.

An original Amerikaner in place of an original signature.

Around April 1st it's our tradition to print some April Fool jokes. Most come from real life and might have a political slant. Readers are led along a convincing path so that they accept the nonsense as truth.

The photo of the meeting with Obama was not in the White House but in Madame Tussauds in London. It wasn't a photomontage either but Reinhard Bersch himself standing beside a waxwork of Barak Obama. The rolled up shirt sleeves were a clue that this was not a visit to the Oval Office.

The offer of the President's signature on purchase of an Americaner (a pastry) made people curious and over 20 readers stopped by between 3pm and 4pm in the Rheinstraße. As a present they could take away one or two pastries which were adorned with American flags.

Rolf Sauer, who ran the cake shop, was in on the joke and if asked would bring a cup of cofee. Young and old came to enjoy free coffee and cake. The photo shows Ellen and Rolf Sauer. They served the 'customers' along with Manuela and Reinhard Bersch.

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