CANTA says farewell to Reinhard Bersch - Bischofsheim's popular long serving mayor

Reinhard has been very helpful to CANTA in its development of twinning activities during his twelve years in office. In the process he made many good friends here. To mark the Mayor's retirement Maurice and Ann Jones invited Reinhart and Manuela Bersch to stay with them in Willaston.

Ann organised a meal at the Peacock in Nantwich on the 23rd of May 2011 to give CANTA members the opportunity to meet with the couple and share memories.

It was a very successful evening with good food and much chat. As a bonus to make them feel more at home there were other Germans and German speakers in the pub.

During his stay Reinhard expressed an interest in Crown Green Bowling, a sport not recognised in Germany. So later in the week Carol and Trevor Lightfoot took him and his wife to the North Street Methodist Bowling Club where members explained the game to them. Manuela turned out to have the edge when it came to playing.

In the four action shots we start with 'thumb' or alternatively 'finger' called. This bias setting on the 'jack' influences the track of the ball over the dome shaped crown. It has to be clearly shown to one's opponent. Then Reinhard 'sets the mark' as he bowls out the jack. He bowls his 'wood', hopefully with the same 'thumb or finger' bias! Manuela then follows and, we understand, gets nearer to the jack.

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