Twinning with Mâcon in the 1960's

Tom Pilkington, originally from Crewe, e-mailed us and attached some fascinating pictures. The first from Crewe shows Tom, on the left, and Bernard Malet, in a typically gallic pose, on the right.

Tom writes, "I am moving to Mâcon shortly after retiring from the Education Nationale. I took part in the Crewe-Mâcon exchange several times in the early 60's and still have contacts with people I met in Mâcon. I am still in touch with Charles Protat, Guy Burrier (Mayor of Fuissé!) and Graham Chesters from Crewe. I was educated at Crewe County Grammar School. I gained dual Anglo-French nationality 27 years ago, became a qualified teacher in France and then moved on to be a headteacher, director of a teacher training college and then Inspector of English in Burgundy (Inspecteur d'Académie). I know many teachers of English in the Mâcon area, many of whom I inspected in their schools."

This is the 1961 exchange in Mâcon

And a list of the twinned French and English pupils.

And finally a touch of nostalgia for us all, Crewe Baths in 1961!

Left to right:
Behind : Graham Chesters, Tom Pilkington, Robert Dyke
Front : Bernard Mallet (Tom's twinning partner), Guy Burrier
Photo: Charles Protat (Graham's twinning partner).