CANTA needs you!

CANTA exists to promote friendship and understanding between us and our neighbours. The signpost, at the junction of Prince Albert Street and Earle Street in Crewe, was presented to us by Bischofsheim, our German twin town, during our 50th Anniversary celebrations of the twinning with Mâcon. David Bates an IT consultant from the town was incensed and contacted the press. Taxpayers' money spent on kilometres!

Sadly in Crewe and across the country anything that smacks of Europe is immediately rubbished. The popular newspapers have much to answer for here. It was pointed out that this was a gift from Germany and so naturally in kilometres but how sad that a knee-jerk reaction gets newspaper coverage.

You can play your part in encouraging a more rational approach to our European neighbours. Some things we do better; some things we don't. Some things are best done by individual countries; some things are better done together. Rampant jingoism has caused so many tragedies in the past that it has to be faced square on. There is no need to be an apologist for the European Union but if something outrageous is said it needs contradicting.