Twinning in the 50's and 60's

The early days of twinning made a great impression on the participants. At least two of the early twinners went on to live in France and Tom Pilkington made a distinguished contribution within the French educational system. Our current CANTA secretary, Carol Lightfoot, twinned and she still retains her enthusiasm for the concept. Tom started our pictorial history with his early experiences and this was expanded with an extract from his memoirs plus contributions from other twinners.
We now have even more pictures to share with you.
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This is a school visit to Chester in summer 1960 from Carol Lightfoot (nee Whitlow).

Names are given as Juracq, Roman, Jacky, Carol, Jan, Christine, Annie.

Jacqueline, Juracq, Annie, Christine, Carol, Jacky, Jean, Kathleen.

Roman Tomczak sent these photos

1959 (could be 1958) reception photo. In the back line Jaquie Walmsley, Hilary Walker, Roman Tomczak, Phil Rylance, Innes ? and just below is Hilary Walker's sister and pouring the tea is Tom Consterdine the Mayor of Crewe.

1959 Sance party: Hil Walker and Bill Consterdine in front row.

1959 Crewe Park Bernard and Daniele Roux, Roman T.

1960 dinner chez les Bardays.. Dennis P, moi, Mme.Allen, M.Barday, Christine (Annie's friend), Paul Barday.

1960 Excursion with Barclays.. Christine, Annie, Jacky and Paul Barday.

Roman also contributed an early literary effort.

The following report from the 1960 Exchange, was written and published in the 1961 Crewe Grammar 'Gridiron' journal.